Hello internet, I’m Chloe and I’m a Year 10 student at Humphry Davy School, and I worked at Fishboy PZ for my work experience. I came to Fishboy PZ because I’m interested in screen printing, sketching and how Izzy and Mat run their business. This is what happened:

After showing me around the workplace, I was informed about the organisation on the clothes that Fishboy sells, ranging from Kapten & Son sunglasses to Dr Denim trousers. From The Dudes tees to Fishboy’s very own hand printed tees of all colours and original designs. On that note, I sketched out a few ideas of my own in the theme of marine and seaside. Among the many scruffy sketches I picked out a few sketches that i think really capture the brief.

Starfish sketchier fishboy pz tee shirts
Sketch 1: This one was my favourite because the starfishes are like nothing i have experimented with before.
pebble sketch for fishboy pz tee shirts
Sketch 2: This pebble inspired design was a close second because Penzance does have a thing for beautiful rocky beaches.

The next morning Mat demonstrated the screen printing process he goes through as the arty side of Fishboy PZ. This was fun to learn about, however tough to do because of the strength needed to print the designs properly.

screen printing set up
After a lot of practice t-shirts, paint drying and failed attempts I managed to print a super cool pirate design onto a black t-shirt.
screen print going into heat machine.
To cure the paint, the tee must go through a heat machine or as I like to call it, a conveyor belt pizza oven. I was in charge of folding the t-shirts in different ways so we know how many times it has gone through.
final screen print pirate tee shirt
I think we did a pretty good job. 🙂

Half way through the week I was set a design brief to design two labels for Pure Nuff Stuff. This took a bit longer than the t-shirt but, that was because I went through the entire design process for this brief, starting with sketching out a design.

flower label design 1
avocado label design 2
These were my design ideas for “avocado” and “neroli & rose geranium”

design 1 inked up
design 2 inked up
Next I inked them up to be scanned and sent to Photoshop to play around with a few colour ideas.
flower label design in colour
I’m really proud of how they came out after experimenting with different colour combinations.
avocado label design in colour
We then fit them onto templates and even asked the owner of PNS what she thinks.
soaps from pure nuff stuff
Fishboy PZ have designed many of the product labels of PNS in the past and I thank both Fishboy and Pure Nuff Stuff for this opportunity. Both the labels and the soaps look stunning!

Izzy controls the shop side of the business and got my to do all sorts of interesting things throughout the week. Such as picking out display outfits, website work and a lot of folding. Had such a fun and interesting work experience week and if I could do it again I would 100% would. I learned so much about behind the scenes and in the shop. 😀

Thank you so much Izzy and Mat!