Gift Giving That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

Waste is news. And so it should be! We are increasingly thinking (and talking) about our take, make, and waste approach to how we use our planet’s natural resources.

Here at Fishboy PZ we like to spend our time discovering new products that are made from recycled waste materials and products that replenish our natural environment. We are also up for choosing challenge over convenience and finding products that reduce our reliance on single use, disposable items.

We believe that even the smallest steps we can take towards protecting our planet’s resources keeps the spotlight shining on the ‘power’s that be’ to show them that we want to see bigger, better and wider change.

So… with this, and you, in mind we have sifted, sought and sourced some stylish, sturdy and sustainable gifting goodies that would make Greta smile!

Vent For Change Stationery


Everyone loves stationery! Especially stationery that protects the planet and which looks and feels as good as this.

Made using recycled and sustainable materials VENT for Change do eco and ethical things in a big way!

Perfect for the thinker, noter, creative flurrier and the stationery addict everyone has in their lives.

Green & Blue Bee Bricks and Planters


Our bees need homes. With their natural habitats steadily being lost, these beautifully designed bee bricks, planters and pots give shelter to our solitary friendly bees – the ones who have no hive so are nice and mellow with no queen or honey to protect.

Campaigning and designing to see our local wildlife thrive, the clever team at Green and Blue have not only managed to make a brick look elegant but are also based here in Cornwall and are using as much locally sourced recycled clay as they can to make them.

For your gardeners, nature lovers and those with big build plans.


Love fashion, love waste! These strong bright colourfully designed bags are made from 100% recycled plastic. Stylish, reusable and recyclable.

“Nothing is truly recycled until it is reused” and my goodness, don’t the folk at Kind Bag London really know this! They are making a lot of positive noise in the fashion industry about what can be done with waste materials. Let’s show them that we want more.

One for me, one for you!


We are eager to see what product designers, makers and producers will create in the future. The opportunity for meaningful change is now and we are massively optimistic about the shape (and lifecyle) of gifts to come.


Fishboy PZ x